Limited Edition Tings
by Johanna Burai.

All objects on this site are created out of Joy, Curiosity, Learning, Admiration, Teamwork and most importantly Love - love for people and love for culture.

Burai Tings is a shop created by designer Johanna Burai and here you will find everything from artworks to sculptures and garments. The items drops one at a time and are made in small editions. 


All objects on are made in small editions and are sold as “final sale” (i.e., non-returnable, non-exchangeable).

Prices & Shipping

All prices displayed on are given as net prices, excluding the applicable VAT amount and the costs of shipping. Any additional costs in this regard are specified separately in the shopping cart.
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Johanna Burai
Schlytersvägen 65
126 49 Hägersten

Please send an e-mail for additional information or if you have any questions or problems regarding the items.